'Allo 'Allo
My name is Annie, I'm 32 years old and I live with my husband (who shall be referred to as Omni Husband or just OH for short) and our five furkids in a teensy little town in NSW. I am happy, but not necessarily healthy.
My life is in desperate need of a one-eighty.

OK, so what's this One-Eighty thing you keep crapping on about?
So glad you asked! I am sure you've heard people talking about turning their life around completely... otherwise referred to as "Doing a complete one-eighty" (180°)
At over one hundred and thirty kilograms and a family history of diabetes and heart disease, it would go without saying that somethings got to change otherwise I am looking at a future filled with medical complications.
Mathematical malarkey aside, I am also over feeling crappy. It's time to get healthy - body and mind - and start living my life properly.

So what's the plan?
Well, for starters, I've taken up the Vegan Easy challenge. For the month of November, I will be eating a vegan diet and eliminate as many animal products from my lifestyle. This isn't to just lose weight, but I imagine it'll help as a lot of my junk food staples have all been animal based. I've been toying with going vegan for a while and finally decided to make the change. My choice is mainly based around animal rights, followed by the health aspects of a plant based diet.
I will also be exercising regularly and will be recording my progress on this blog.
The blog won't be all about diet and exercise either. It's about mental and physical well being, so as I explore other changes I'll be blogging about them as well.

So thanks for joining me and I hope you enjoy reading about my One-Eighty journey.