Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Day 15: Vegan Easy Challenge

Well my two "Bring a plate" meals over the weekend were OK but I think I need some practice cooking before I attempt making samosas again. The rice paper rolls were not too bad, I didn't mind them but the lack of fresh herbs available (bite me Coles!) made it hard to get some quality flavour in them. The only downside to my samosas was that the pastry was dry... possibly because I overworked it, but for a first attempt I don't think they were too gag worthy.
No photos again, I left the camera at work *facepalm*
Unfortunately since the weekend I've been fighting a head cold/ bug thing, so my meals have been even more basic than usual. (noodles and broth anyone?) Been sticking to walking for exercise until I shake off this bug and get back into it.

I'm annoyed that I'd picked up this bug but I've noticed I am handling it better. I think the lack of dairy is definitely helping and my asthma is not even flaring up. However this is the second time I've gotten sick in as many months and I know my immune system is down due to some others things that have been happening in the last couple of months. I'm wondering if my diet is going to help boost my immune system but plan on seeing a naturopath to check out what else I can do to help.

Last but not least...a few weeks ago I agreed to a BASG (Big Ass Scary Goal) with my friend and I'm going to share it here:
She completed her first half marathon in July this year and I asked if she thought I was capable of doing the same by next July - The Gold Coast Marathon. She says yep, and so now I am going to doing my first half marathon with my friend running it with me. I am scared but determined.

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