Friday, 4 November 2011

Day Four: Vegan Easy Challenge

Wow, it's been so busy I've barely had time to update the blog! But I am still here and still going strong. :)
I've already noticed some changes, mainly my sense of smell is a lot better and I am a lot less...erm...phlegmy... (gross, but true).

My meals have been fairly basic, have been using a few leftovers so there are a lot of repeats. Mexican Salad has been my hero for the last few days, one of those lunches I could easily eat every other day. Tonight's fare of satay marinated tofu with noodles and steamed veg was to die for, and so so simple to make. I really need to start getting some photos!

Exercise has started! OK, it's mainly walking, but I've been brave and decided to try out a yoga class - less for the sweat and more for the challenge of doing something different. :)

Stay happy and healthy peeps!

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