Thursday, 10 November 2011

Day 11: Vegan Easy Challenge

Can I just say that I am loving this challenge? I'm not getting bored with my meals, even though I am a creature of habit and you will catch me eating the same breakfast each day, so perhaps I am a poor judge of variety. That said, I've cooked more new meals in the last 10 days than I have in the last 10 weeks.
I've got a heap more energy than last week.
(despite a mental health day yesterday that had nothing to do with physical energy and all to do with being.. well.. mental...)

I have my first 'bring a plate' event to attend this Saturday, and am now going through a few of my recipes to see what I can cook up. Naturally, photos will be taken of what culinary delights I can whip up.

Exercise: I swear I am not exaggerating, but I was wondering if it'd be less painful to type using my nose. My arms are killing me and my  legs and core muscle are all screaming at me. Ladies and gentleman, I bring you... DOMS.
The weirdest thing is, I didn't really use my arms last night at training (This is roller derby training by the way) unless you count toward the end where I was so tired I was using my arms to haul myself up by using the wall. The mental health thing I mentioned earlier was me getting angry at myself for being fat, unfit and untalented because I couldn't do half of the drills we were attempting. Plus watching people master in weeks what has taken me literally all year to achieve didn't help improve my disgust.
So, I had a slight meltdown, got a pep talk from my coach and then continued to train. If nothing else, that little event has just solidified why I am doing this... no one likes being last all the time, and it's no different for me.

Dinner tonight is going to be pretty simple, got a recipe for pad thai I want to try out. Will it be a kitchen delight or kitchen fright? Stay tuned....

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