Monday, 7 November 2011

Day Eight: Vegan Easy Challenge

First and foremost... after weighing in I am happy to report I am down a whole kilo since last week... Not bad considering I didn't exercise every day and I've been drinking a few too many ciders. (erm... healthy blog, remember?? Back on the sobriety wagon woman!)

So, it's day eight and the last few days have simply flown by. Work has a lot to answer for in that regard! Sleeping in this morning meant I didn't take my lunch but thankfully I was downtown at lunchtime and treated myself to my first Funky Pie. *drools* OK, so I could have got a salad but it was right there... so delicious....
*shakes head*

Right, in the interest of keeping that 1 kilo off, the rest of the week shall be free of vegan friendly fast food. And cider.

More changes have become apparent in just eight days of a vegan diet and this one I am psyched about... my acne is starting to settle down and I swear I've had less breakouts. That is a big WIN for me.

I also tried my first honest to goodness yoga class.
Oh dear.
Oh dear, oh dear....
My balance is terrible! And did I think I wasn't going to get a workout? Think again, I can only just now sit down without my legs muscles shrieking. Yikes.
The meditation at the end was groovy though and yes, I am going back.

I'd say Week One was a resounding success!

Stay happy and healthy peeps.

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